A few months ago, BitTorrent introduced its BitTorrent Now app, a new app that enabled users to stream various music and videos. When the app was first launched, it was only available for Android devices. Earlier today, BitTorrent announced that the app is now officially available to iOS and Apple TV devices.

When you launch the app, you’ll be able to choose from the different publishers available under BitTorrent Now. As of this writing, there are already a number of publishers that have signed up as a content provider on the BitTorrent Now platform. Among these include IHeartComix, The Onion, and Super Deluxe.

For years, BitTorrent has made a name as a source where people can access illegal content often shared. Despite this, BitTorrent Now is a completely legal app. While some of the content found on the app are free, some are paid.

There are also other content that are ad-supported. And because of this, BitTorrent is able to launch true apps for devices running on iOS and tvOS; this is something that they weren’t able to do before.

To use the BitTorrent Now app, users might be required to do something because they now make use of the Bundle format. What this means is that before you get to view the content, you’d have to either pay or sign-in. By using Bundle format, BitTorrent has more control over their content, who gets to see it and where it gets shared.

Again, this is something BitTorrent wasn’t doing in the past. Another thing that makes BitTorrent Now different from the usual torrents is that it doesn’t use any peer-to-peer technology. Instead, every single content is streamed to users directly from BitTorrent’s servers.

BitTorrent Now may be downloaded from the App Store. It is compatible with iOS and tvOS devices.

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