The second-generation Apple Watch is likely to be released this fall, and with the new Watch, DigiTimes believes it will adopt a “One Glass Solution” (OGS) display technology instead of Glass on Glass (G/G).

OGS eliminates one of the layers of glass from a traditional G/G display that typically has two pieces of glass, replacing that second layer with a thinner material. With the current Apple Watch using G/G, making the switch will give Apple some extra internal space for the second-generation Watch and could potentially make the device a bit lighter.

The report says making the switch to OGS panels has caused some unexpected technical issues for the second-generation Apple Watch. Though, it is not clear if this will affect overall production of the new Watch.

The large loss for the second quarter was mainly because touch panel orders for iPhones continued to decrease, and Apple will change touch panel technology from G/G to OGS (one glass solution) in the new Apple Watch to be launched in the second half of 2016, TPK said. The change in touch panel technology involved unexpected technological difficulties and therefore yield rates for OGS touch panels were much lower than expected, TPK explained.

The Apple Watch 2 is expected to look very similar to the original, focusing mainly on internal changes such as cellular connectivity, a faster processor, and possibly better battery life.

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