Apple CEO Tim Cook is currently in Beijing, however, is reportedly going to India tomorrow (via Reuters). Cook is said to be meeting with Prime Minister Modi, whom he had talked to back in September of last year in the United States.

Apple chief executive Tim Cook will visit India this week and meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the second leg of his Asian tour, two sources familiar with the matter said, as the company seeks to revive sluggish iPhone sales.

The two are more than likely going to discuss possible sales of used iPhone in the country, as Apple has previously been rejected to do so.

Apple currently has a 2% marketshare, while 80% of the Indian market is made up of smartphones that cost less than $150. The company’s iPhone Upgrade Program in the United States gives Apple the upper hand in terms of having used devices laying around.

Modi is trying his best to create technology jobs within India. The two have perviously discussed the possibility of bringing some of Apple’s manufacturing to the country. Foxconn is also reportedly building a $10 billion iPhone factory in India, slated to open in 18 months.

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