IOS 8 Now Running On 63% Of IOS Devices

Apple today published a chart (seen above) showing the adoption rate of iOS 8. The chart can be found on Apple’s developer portal and shows that as of December 8th, 63% of iOS devices are running iOS 8. The latest figure represents a 3% jump from the previously published 60% adoption as of November 24th.

It’s worth noting that these numbers are only taken from devices that are capable of running iOS 8 (devices such as the iPhone 4 are not accounted for). According to the chart, which uses data from the App Store, 33% of users haven’t yet made the jump from iOS 7, and 4% of users are still on iOS 6 or earlier.

The relatively high adoption rates being published by Apple comes as no surprise, as Apple prides itself for having more users on the latest version of its mobile OS when compared to other Mobile OSes, such as Android.

When compared to the adoption rate of iOS 7 around this time last year, the numbers aren’t as great, however. iOS 7 adoption was over 70% less than one month after its release last year.

The slower adoption of iOS 8 could be due to a number of factors, such as the large update file size of iOS 8. iOS 8 also isn’t the visual overhaul that iOS 7 was, so hasn’t received as much mainstream press attention.

Are you running iOS 8 on your iOS devices? Do you still have any devices on iOS 7 or earlier versions of iOS? Let us know in the comments

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