The team at Apple clearly had a lot to get through in the company’s 2 hour WWDC keynote earlier today. Tim Cook and Co. sped through updates to their software platforms and spat out feature after feature.

With so much information coming thick and fast, certain things don’t get much or any attention. Thankfully, Apple includes the above slide in its keynote for a just a few seconds in order to give us a glimpse at some of the more important features coming to their software.

Below are some of the more interesting and important features in iOS 8 that we can look forward to in the fall (and devs can get ahold of now!):

  1. Battery usage by app
  2. Alex voice for accessibility
  3. Instant burst mode
  4. Wi-Fi calling
  5. Vector Maps in China
  6. iBooks built into iOS
  7. Flyover city tours
  8. Auto night mode in iBooks
  9. Panoramic photos on iPad
  10. DuckDuckGo support in Safari
  11. Travel time notifications
  12. 24 new dictation languages
  13. See your books in a series in iBooks
  14. Tips app
  15. Navigation for China
  16. Speak screen
  17. Lunar calendar support
  18. FaceTime call waiting
  19. Rich text editing in Notes
  20. Purchase iTunes content with Siri

iOS 8 will, of course, contain hundreds of updates and new features that will be revealed over time. What feature in iOS caught your eye? If you’re a developer, let us know your early experiences with the software too, in the comments

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