Anyone who has looked at purchasing an iPhone 5s over the past month and a half or so knows that the phone has been backordered since it was launched in September. The phone was becoming known as being one of the toughest iPhones for users to get their hands on, as the devices were often backordered for weeks through Apple’s online store.

Until recently, the shipping times had stayed steady as weeks out. Fortunately, as the holiday season approaches, it looks as if Apple is finally catching up to the demand for the iPhone 5s, as the shipping times have once again dropped.

Today, it was noted that on Apple’s online store, the iPhone 5s is now available to ship in just 3-5 days, which is quite a drop from the 2-3 weeks that was estimated just about a week ago.

This is a pretty nice drop for people looking to purchase a new iPhone for the upcoming season, and it also means that people who like to procrastinate on purchasing gifts (like myself) won’t have to think too far out if they’re planning on ordering an iPhone 5s for their loved one.

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