After Being Banned From The App Store, AppGratis Returns… On Android

A little while back, Apple went on a big witch hunt, flushing out all the apps on the App Store promoting other developers’ applications. One of the most well-known was AppGratis, which – under the App Store policies – could not return to once again grace the screens of iOS devices.

So, iMediapp, the developers behind the app discovery tool did what any self respecting developer would do in that situation: switch to Android.

AppGratis is now available to all users with Google-powered phones, and it’s a free app which offers daily free apps and spotlights those with massive discounts.

It does bring attention to one point for me: who’s Apple really thinking of when it decided to ban these kinds of apps? Yes, there’s an element of foul play if it’s found to be manipulating the App Store rankings by over-promoting apps. But, how else will users of iPhones and iPads discover the best value apps?

Let us know your thoughts. Should these apps be reinstated on the App Store, or is Apple right in its decision?

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