The SatSleeve may be the most functional case for the iPhone yet. This case allows you to use your phone in virtually any place in the world. How? Because it uses technology that turns your iPhone into a satellite phone meaning you can get signal anywhere you could get satellite signal, meaning virtually everywhere, or according to Thuraya (makers of the SatSleeve), about two-thirds of the world.

The case, while bulky, is pretty simple to use. All you do is place your phone in the case and turn on a switch on the side of the device. By doing this, you enable your phone to make/receive both calls and text messages where you would typically be out of cell range. The case will be available for both iPhone 4/4S as well as an iPhone 5 version.

For now the case is voice/SMS only, but Thuraya claims a data capable version is coming in Q3 of this year, and they are also working on an Android version of the case, although no further information was announced.

The biggest downside of this cool case? The price. The case is suggested to be sold for around $500 for the voice/SMS version, meaning that the data version will most likely cost significantly more. The case will be available to ship sometime next month.

Are you interested in the SatSleeve? Do you think having a satellite enabled iPhone is necessary? Would you ever use this feature? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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