IPad 4 Graphics Benchmarks Are In – Nexus 10 Smoked

Early graphics performance benchmarks are in, and it seems the iPad 4 is way ahead of its competition with its processing ability. That A6X chip sure packs a punch. In virtually all the various tests, the 4th gen iPad beat everything else on the market with ease.

In fact, its nearest competitor is its predecessor, the “new iPad”. The nearest Android-powered rivals are the two newest Nexus devices: the Nexus 10 and Nexus 4. Devices like the Tegra equipped One X, Exynos powered Galaxy SIII and “Intel Inside” Motorola RAZR i are left way behind.

To check out the full breakdown of results including all the different graphical tests, head on over to PhoneArena, where they have collated a comprehensive gallery of results.

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