If you’ve been paying even the smallest amount of attention over the last few days, you’ll undoubtedly have heard that Apple’s new iMac line-up won’t be available until mid-2013. Fortunately, it’s bogus, and if you’ve been wishing for an iMac for the holidays, you’re still on track for getting one.

The baloney report originated from a French site named MacBidouille last week, and claimed that the manufacturing process Apple uses to make its incredibly thin desktop computer was giving the company problems, thus delaying the launch of the next-gen iMacs.

But today, 9to5Mac informs us that Apple’s original promise of an iMac Christmas is still valid, and the 21.5 inch model (which has been announced for a November release) is in-fact en-route to distributors as you read this, with the 27 inch machine set to be ready by December.

However, although dismissed as rubbish, the claim of a delayed iMac has some truth in it, in that supplies will almost certainly be short for the device for the remainder of this year, but will likely pick up again in 2013.

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