The rollout of the iPhone 5 was called its “fastest ever” by Apple. So continuing that, Apple reportedly looks set to release the iPhone 5 in countries including India, Greece, Mexico, and others next Friday, November, 2nd.

In India specifically, it was revealed that Apple has started charging using the Indian’s rupee currency, whereas previously it used the US dollar. It’s presumed that this is to help Indian developers generate more revenue by allowing natives to download apps using their own currency.

Other countries that are said to be getting the iPhone 5 on the same day include the Dominican Republic, Thailand, Bulgaria, Croatia, Malta, and Romania.

MacRumors found this along with the help of some readers. The release in one of Apple’s largest markets, China, is coming in December. This makes the iPhone 5 have the fastest rollout of any Apple device before it.

What do you think? Will you be buying your iPhone 5 next week? Already have one preordered? Let us know in the comments.

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