In what is most likely the most damning evidence against Samsung’s copycat-ism, Apple has revealed an internal report created by the Galaxy makers that virtually proves on its own that the Korean tech giant did copy the popular iOS device.

Having compared an early version of its Galaxy user interface with the iPhone, Samsung wrote a huge 132 pages comparing every aspect of the two different platforms.

In virtually every aspect, there are “directions of improvements” written at the bottom which virtually all state “do it like the iPhone.” It’s clear proof that the company wasn’t satisfied with its own design work and instead wanted to copy Apple’s way of doing things.

There’s a lot more of this, covered in excellent fashion by Ina Fried and John Paczkowski over at AllThingsD. The site has been covering all the action from the court case all week. The link in the previous sentence leads to a document that contains all 132 pages.

Before making a decision on whether or not you think Samsung did copy Apple after all, you should definitely check it out. To me it’s plain as day that Samsung ripped off the iPhone in more ways than one.

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