New cases are always a classic when it comes to device rumors, and this latest development is no different. Chinese website have just posted various images of iPad mini cases that are on sale in China.

The pictures would appear to confirm that the iPad mini will ship with a rear camera, and that it will also feature Apple’s new, smaller dock connector. There are three different cases, the first appears to be a standard plastic cover, the second looks like a silicone cover, (the pink and yellow), and the third looks like a leather mock up complete with a stand feature.

This first case shows spaces for docking at the bottom, headphone slot and wake/sleep button at the top and a hole for the iSight camera. This case also shows a space for the mute switch/screen rotation lock and volume on the right, a minute detail, but that’ll be important in a second.

Our second variant also shows a hole for what’s probably an iSight camera, and, after a lot of squinting, I can confirm that there are deviations in the surface that fit the shape of the volume rocker. So far, so good.

The third variant is a little more questionable. Many of you might view this differently, but from what I can see, in the top right corner of this picture there appears to be a volume rocker, at the opposite end of the iPad.

Where this is just a glitch in the rendering, or my mistake, this final case isn’t quite as consistent as the other two. And, thanks to the ridiculous iSight camera hole, will probably look much better on a black iPad mini.

I’m also fairly sure that this final case is the only one that can truly be attributed to an iPad mini, because of the thinner bezels on display. The two other cases could just as easily have been created for the current, full size iPad, we don’t know because we have nothing to compare these cases to in the pictures that might confirm their size.

What are your thoughts on these cases? If you also see the volume switch at the bottom of the iPad in the final picture, please let me know. I’d hate to think I was just a bumbling fool with poor eyesight. If not, I am braced for your rebukes.

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