IPad 3 Leaked Back Panel Hints At Bigger Battery, Different Screen – RumorApparently the guys at a website called Fix-iPhones.com somehow got their hands on a back panel for Apple’s upcoming iPad 3. In a side-by-side comparison with the back panel’s iPad 2 counterpart, a number of significant changes are observable.

  • (A) First, the mounts for the logic board are “very different,” which suggests the shape of the logic board powering the iPad 3 will be a significant change from the iPad 2.
  • (B) This smaller logic board leaves more space for a larger battery in the iPad 3, which could perhaps be utilized by a more power-hungry processor and/or display.
  • (C) The camera will definitely be different, but no additional details can be gathered from the back plate alone.
  • (D) Based on the different mounting in the back panel, it’s clear that the iPad 3 will feature a different display than the current-generation iPad (perhaps the rumored Retina display).
  • Contrary to earlier reports that suggested the iPad 3 will be thicker to accommodate the added components for a Retina display, the back plate does not appear to be any thicker than the iPad 2.

Of course, there’s really no way of knowing if this information is accurate, so definitely take it with a grain salt. That being said, though, none of these purported features are all too surprising, so it’s entirely possible that this information could pan out whether or not this iPad 3 back plate is legit.

Apple is widely expected to launch the iPad 3 some time in March, so hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to know for sure!

What’s your opinion on this? Are you buying these features, or are you skeptical? Comment below

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