Recently TeleNav conducted a national survey and received some very interesting results. The tagline basically says it all:

“TeleNav survey examines Americans’ attachment to mobile phones; finds iPhone users are least willing to let go of their devices”

514 driving-age American mobile phone users – consisting of both smartphones and feature phones – responded to a series of questions posed by TeleNav. The company then used those figures to produce an enlightening infographic.

According to the survey, 21% of smartphone users would rather trade alcohol for a week than their phone. What’s more 20% would ditch their computer, 54% would go without exercise and 63% would hold off on the chocolate.

I must admit I fall into a few of these categories. I would certainly forgo chocolate in favor of my iDevice, and I definitely fit into the 55% who would give up caffeine. I would not, however, ditch my toothbrush for a week. Though, a startling 22% of customers would. That’s kind of disgusting…

And, it’s not just kids who feel this way – a number of more mature items are at stake here. 33% of respondents would trade sex for their phones, while a whopping 70% put their cell phones ahead of alcohol.

As for the iOS-specific questions, 35% of iPhone users believe their phone reflects their style. Furthermore, 34% admit to regularly checking their phones at the dinner table (something I am certainly guilty of).

It’s certainly interesting to see how much people will sacrifice for that shiny device in their pockets. Definitely check out the full infographic (below) and let me know which, if any, of the categories you fall into! Comment below

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