Yesterday we reported that there was a chance we would see a new MacBook Air, Mac Mini and white MacBook today. Well, unfortunately it seems as though those rumors didn’t pan out. However, all hope is not lost! When one rumor disappears, there’s always one that fills its place.

It seems as though the guys at 9to5 Mac, who led us to believe July 14 was Mac day, have revised their opinions. A new report suggests we’ll see new MacBook Airs some time next week. 9to5 Mac cites an All Things D article when stating that the newest line of MacBook Airs will feature faster processors, Thunderbolt, and backlit keyboards.

What’s more, the measly 64 gig storage option will be a thing of the past. In it’s place Apple will offer 128 GB or 256 GB models.

There is also speculation that new Mac minis and MacBooks will make an appearance as well. And, one can be sure that whenever the new Macs hit the market, OS X Lion is sure to follow suit.

Personally I can’t wait to upgrade to Lion, so I can’t wait for these releases. I won’t be upgrading my computer anytime soon though. What about you? Is a 256 gig, Thunderbolt-touting, backlit-keyboard-rockin’ MacBook Air enough to sway you from your current computer? Let me know in the comments below.

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