Shantanu Narayen, Adobe’s big cheese, has recently stated that his company doesn’t need Jobs’ backing to succeed in the future. The company who has seen massive success from PhotoShop, AIR and Creative Suites, has now officially ended any hope of uniting with Cupertino in the smart-phone/portable gadget market.

When Apple originally unveiled its “revolutionary” touch screen device earlier in the year, a huge ruction was caused as soon as Steve-o announced the purposeful lack of Flash support. Many, including myself, were confused as most of the internet has elements of Flash.

At least, that’s what we thought then. No sooner had Jobsy declared that Adobe’s globally accepted platform was “buggy”, he shortly after stated that his mobile devices would never adopt Flash support for web content. With the massive success of the iPad, many sites have changed to HTML5, which according to his Apple-ness is “the future.”

Two days back, the Telegraph, published a report detailing Mr. Narayen’s thoughts with great precision. One enlightening point was:

“There are other companies that have chosen to say that the open eco-system is the way to go and that’s how you would contrast Apple and Google’s business models. We’re on the side of the open.”

If we put this quote alongside the event held today by Adobe and Android, we pretty much see a clear image of Shantanu’s intentions in the mobile world. So, it’s pretty much official: in the smartphone world Google and Flash are taking on Apple.

We knew this already, but, now that the Adobe chief has stated the company has moved on, it seems the relationship will never begin between Jobs and Narayen.

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