There are a lot of software keyboards out there made for touchscreen devices. Swype is one of the most popular and claims to enable the world record for speed typing. And yes, it was revolutionary. But in the words of Apple, I think “this changes everything.” What “this” refers to is BlindType.

Who’d think you could type on a touchscreen device without seeing the screen? On physical keyboards, the hardware offers definitive buttons (and those ridges on the home keys, for your fingers to find), so typing without looking is pretty easy.

But this daunting task seems nearly impossible without them, yet BlindType took a crack at it. I must say, they did an awesome job with it.

This program:

  • eliminates touch-typing frustrations whether you are looking or not
  • allows for super-sloppy typing
  • helps you type faster and easier
  • adjusts to the user’s “perceived” keyboard and typing style
  • and lets you just type the way you are used to so there is nothing to learn

With BlindType, all this is possible because the keyboard is no longer permanently attached to the bottom of iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch screen. You can move it any where you want, in any orientation and size.

The software learns from your usage habits, and can figure out what you’re trying to write with amazing accuracy, resulting in a keyboard that adjusts to the user. That’s not even the craziest part! You can literally type without the keyboard appearing anywhere on the screen! I’m not kidding. Luckily there is a video because this is something that you just need to see for yourself.

Unfortunately, Blind Type’s not out yet, but from the looks of this demo, it’s already got huge potential to become a hit.

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