Wowza. If you saw the Grammy Awards, you may have been shocked to see that little thing in Stephen Colbert’s hand. While presenting the Song of the Year, Comedy Central’s favorite son pulled out an iPad! Honestly, did anyone even care who won the honor after seeing that? (Okay, I admit I do.

It was Beyonce’s “Put a Ring On It,” which I fell in love while watching Glee. See? Now where else but TiP can you get some pop culture, music trivia and tech rumors?)

Of course, Colbert had to gloat about laying hands on this, while most of the tech universe still lies in wait for their review units. (Grrr!): “Jay Z, did you not get one of these in your gift bag? Am I cooler than you?!” Ha! Okay, Stephen, I forgive you for making me jealous.

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