iPhone 7 will now be officially available in Indonesia

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Back in December, Apple announced that it was developing its first Indonesia-based research and development center. Just a few months after the announcement was made, The Jakarta Post reported that Apple is already getting ready to start operations of its R&D center in the second quarter of the year. Along with this report, Apple is said to start selling the iPhone 7 in the country tomorrow, March 31st.

Based on the publication, Apple’s new facility in Indonesia will be able to create educational programs for up to 400 local students. This information was released after reports of Industry Ministry expert staff member Sanny Iskandar met with representatives from Apple earlier today.

The publication disclosed that the tech giant is planning on putting up three R&D centers throughout the country. The first out of this number is said to open in Green Office Park in BSD City, Tangerang. Meanwhile, the two other centers will be situated in Java and in North Sumartra. These three R&D centers are believed to cost the company a total of $44 million to construct. With this amount, Apple is able to comply with local regulations requiring a certain percentage of production must take place in Indonesia before a product can be sold in the country. As a matter of fact, it was this very regulation issued by the Indonesian government that prohibited sales of the iPhone 6 series in the country. By complying to this regulation, Apple now has the go signal to start selling the iPhone 7 in Indonesia.

So why is Apple investing such a huge chunk of its money in Indonesia? Well, Indonesia has recently been named as the fourth most populated country in the world (next to China, India, and the USA). This sheer number gives the perfect reason on why they shouldn’t.


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