New photos of purported iPad Air 2 rear shell surface


French blog is known for getting its hands on parts from Apple’s upcoming products and leaking them to the internet. Today, they’ve released 2 images of what they claim is the rear panel of the iPad Air 2. According to the post, they expect the iPad Air 2 to be announced sometime in October or November.


As you can see in the first image, the microphone which is found on the top of the current generation iPad Air has been relocated to the back, adjacent to the camera sensor (similar to iPhones and iPod touches). NoWhereElse also points out that the volume button cutouts seem to point to recessed volume buttons, as was reported earlier this year.


The second image shows the inside of the rear panel. This image doesn’t really show anything we haven’t already seen, but it is interesting nonetheless, and looks like it could be authentic.

What do you make of the new leaks? Are you excited for the new iPad expected to be announced this year? Let us know in the comments, or Tweet me @DarrenLinkNPark.


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