iPhone 6 parts leak galore: Apple logo, lens ring, circuit board and circular tru-tone flash?

iPhone 6 parts

Earlier this morning, we published an article showing off the iPhone 6 front panel with display and digitizer attached. But if you thought that would be the end of today’s leaks, you were mistaken. Well-known French Apple blog, NowhereElse has shown off a number of leaked parts over the past few hours.

Embedded Apple logo

I can’t quite remember when exactly it was discovered that Apple would be using an embedded Apple logo in the back of the next iPhone, but it seems too long. During that time we’ve seen some ridiculous claims that Apple might use it as a notification light, or as a radio transparent piece for NFC plus a few more suggestions. To anyone with any sense, and/or knowledge of Apple’s product range, it was always just a case of bringing the iPhone’s design in line with the iPad. Apple’s tablets have been using this method of inserting an Apple logo for a few years now.

Now what’s interesting is perhaps the material used. It’s been rumored that it could be the magnificent Liquidmetal alloy. This material is stronger than Titanium, is light, doesn’t scratch, bend or break easily and doesn’t rust. In short: If it is used for the Apple logo, that logo will be the most long-lasting branding you’ve ever seen on any device. But the logo could just be a metallic-looking plastic. I guess we’ll find out once iFixit gives the device its usual teardown.

Power flex – LED


I don’t normally get excited by power flex leaks. After all, to the layman, it’s nothing but a black piece of durable, flexible rubber/plastic with some buttons attached. But this latest one would seemingly offer clarity on an area I’ve been confused over since the first iPhone 6 leaks showed up.

If you look at the image above, you’ll notice three distinct arms. To the left is the silver power button attached to the flex. To the right is the connector that fixes it to the main circuitry within the phone. But on the top is a circular yellow/orange thing.

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 15.05.07

Now, when iPhone 6 leaks began, they showed the iPhone as moving away from the pill-shaped camera LED flash and back to a round one. To me, this meant ditching the “Tru-Tone” flash it had developed for the iPhone 5s to ensure that flash photography on the iPhone captured more natural skin tones. It seemed like a backwards move. Thankfully, it now looks as though it’s been designed to work within a round flash, instead of a pill-shaped one. The image above shows two different color LEDs inside one circular frame.

Camera Lens Ring

We’ve read a lot about the protruding camera on the next iPhone. If there’s one thing we know: Apple loves making devices thinner, and thinner is bad for cameras. To ensure it can keep up with its tradition of making the iPhone slimmer without making the camera terrible, it’ll ensure the maximum space possible for the lenses and sensor by giving it a little extra room to work its magic. It appears as though it’ll be mounted to the body using the lens ring in the image above.

PCB and other flexes

And then there’s the other main internals: the logic board, Lightning connector and aforementioned power flex. In the second image from the left, the main logic board and other main flexes are arranged as they would be inside the body of the iPhone 6, and placed next to an iPhone 5c for a size comparison. It’s no doubt a bigger device.

More images of these parts are available to view at NowhereElse.fr here and here.

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