Apple livid over iPhone 6 model approval in Thailand, meets with officials


Earlier this week, it was revealed that two different models of the iPhone 6 have been approved for sale in Thailand. Models “A1586″ and “A1524″ allegedly denote the 4.7″ and 5.5” variant of the upcoming iPhone 6. Takorn Tantasith, the Secretary General of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission, or NBTC for short, spilled the beans on Wednesday about the two models approval for sale. If you’ve never heard of an important official from a country publicly announce (on Twitter no less) that Apple is planning on launching a new phone, it’s because it’s never happened before…and Apple is livid.

A new report via MacRumors reports that Apple is down-right fuming with rage over the leak and has met with officials from Thailand to discuss the disclosure. According to the NBTC, Apple has stated that the public announcement reveals confidential information about an upcoming, unreleased device. The NBTC countered Apple’s claims over the breach by stating the announcement was nothing more than a protocol to protect consumer’s rights. A statement, translated from Thai by MacRumors reads:

The Secretary General said that everything is done according to the protocol and on August 8 the NTBC has approved the two phone models. He insisted that all that was disclosed is not considered a trade secret and Apple only requested for the specification to remain a secret. As for the specs, the NBTC did not disclose anything.

Apple is expected to reveal two new iPhone 6 models at their annual keynote, expected to be held on September 9th this year. And as the event ticks closer, there have been no shortage of leaks.

via MacRumors


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