New renders show the full potential of the iPhone 6’s rumored design


We’ve seen quite a few leaks of what the rumored iPhone 6 may look like over the past few months. Many of these leaks have come in the form of low quality mockups and part leaks. Designer Mark Pelin has taken it upon himself to create digital renders based off of these leaks, giving us a better idea of what the iPhone could actually look like. The renders really show off the beauty of the iPhone 6 beyond what low quality mockups are capable of.

Check out the gallery of images below and let us know what you think of the renderings in the comments down below! You can also Tweet me @DarrenLinkNPark.

Source: 9to5Mac

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  • donnybee

    Still don’t like it.. Those antennaes are ugly. The 4 was really the best looking iPhone with all glass panels. iPhone 5 looked great implementing anodized aluminum in an awesome way. The 5C was the perfect shape for it’s style, and really brought back good memories of the 3G that felt so great in the hand and looked clean.

    This looks like they can’t remember how to make an iPhone as classy as the 4 and 5..

    • RedGeminiPA

      You’re still basing your opinion on rumors. Latest rumors are saying there will be glass in those spots where the antenna bands are, like the 5/5S. That’s what I was hoping to see in these new mockup photos.

      Tell that guy to go back to Photoshop and add the glass panels.

  • RedGeminiPA

    This looks a little more like it. I’m thinking this is what we’ll see.