iPhones subject to extra individual checks following “stealth” bombs fears amidst heightened terror alert

Yesterday, surveillance and security checks at airports were heightened following an American intelligence warning against terror attacks on US-bound flights across the globe.

Amidst fears of highly sophisticated explosive technology that could subvert existing security measures, bombmakers operating under the AQAP label (al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula) may have extended their efforts to mobile technology, turning mobile phones in “stealth” explosive devices. In light of this possibility, smartphone devices, notably iPhones and Samsung Galaxy handsets are being subjected to extra security checks at airports.


Of course, this story is part of a much wider developing saga, however in the interest of smooth travel, and the protection of our beloved devices, this is still important news to bear in mind. Mobile technology can be vulnerable to airport security measures, particularly X-ray machines. Whilst some would claim the possibility of damage is impossibly slim, most of us aren’t too comfortable with our devices being excessively handled and checked by someone else. If you plan to travel by air in the coming days and weeks, you may want to take this news into consideration. If you’re concerned about damage to your iPhone, or you don’t want it being handled excessively, then you might be inclined to leave your phone in your suitcase for the duration of your journey. The choice is entirely up to you, and of course the extra security measures may be of no concern to you. If you do decide to travel differently based on this knowledge, bear in mind that even if you aren’t travelling to the US, your device could be vetted simply because it isn’t economical to separate US-bound and non-US-bound passengers.

If you’ve had any experience with this heightened security, or a security story from recent years involving your iPhone, leave a comment below!


Via:  Evening Standard

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