Skype gets removed from App Store as company prepares 5.0 update

If you’ve been searching the App Store recently for the popular video chat app Skype, you may have noticed that the service is strangely absent from the iOS App Store. However, not to worry because the company has pulled its app for a good reason: it’s preparing the new 5.0 app which includes a complete redesign and some new features as well. Below is the statement released by Skype regarding its app being pulled from the App Store.

We have removed the Skype for iPhone app from the Apple iTunes store in some markets, as we begin rolling out the latest version. Skype 5.0 for iPhone will soon be available worldwide for download – in the meantime, you can learn about the great new features coming with the new version here.

The company’s blog claims that this update is the biggest iOS update the app has ever received so there’s definitely some excitement surrounding the release from Skype fans. The app is said to be faster, smoother, smarter, and more integrated than the previous Skype app. More details surrounding the features can be found at the link in the Skype statement above.

The redesign is expected to hit the App Store in the next few days, and as a Skype user, I’m pretty excited to see just how much smoother and better the app will work when compared to the old version.

Source: Skype, 9to5Mac

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  • Chris

    Nice to see the UI has finally caught up to the Android version. The iOS version has been simply painful to look at and use since the Android app was updated last year.

  • bofdem

    I had it available as an update, then they pulled it. What a bunch of dumbasses.