Shame, the iPhone 6 won’t look like this concept [video]

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Flagship iPhone designs seem to follow the rule of Star Trek movies, or Windows PC software updates for me. Every other one isn’t to my liking. For instance, I loved the 3G/3GS, didn’t like the square, flat and shiny 4/4s. I loved the 5/5s, but from what I’ve seen of the iPhone 6 – through leaks and renders – so far, it doesn’t look great.

Recently, leaked shells have shown up and I’m really not keen on the look. It’s not the curved edges and slim frame, it’s – sadly necessary – black antenna “gaps” on the back. It gives it a less refined look. Granted, it’s only a rear shell and the front face could completely change my perception. But, I’d rather it looked like this concept:

The back is seamless, a little curved on the edges and looks really classy. It’s just a shame it’s a user-created concept.

Designed by Joel Velasquez, it features a solid one-piece shell complete with Jony Ive’s infamous diamond-cut chamfered edges. Around the back, the edges gently curve in to the flat back panel, and on the front is a huge edge-to-edge display and it measures in at under 7mm. So it’s super-thin too.

Of the devices currently on offer, it takes its influence from the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. It has the shape and design of the 5c, but with the metal materials of the 5/5s. We’ll just ignore the fact that metal shells need plastic gaps in them for the various radios to work properly, and enjoy the looks. It’s not like it’s every going to become a reality anyway. And there’s nothing wrong with dreaming.

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  • donnybee

    Yeah, from all the leaks, I really don’t like the new iPhone design. It looks like it started as a drawing from a kid who was trying to draw an iPhone 5 and didn’t get it right. It doesn’t have the same meticulously crafted look as the others have.. It looks almost like a phone that would belong in the 90s in my opinion.

    This is a beautiful concept though! And I think an aluminum back could work, all they’d have to do is separate it up for each antennae, and the whole back could be the antennaes. Either that, or what if the Apple logo got a bit bigger and was a plastic insert that could allow radio signals through it, so the antennaes could be inside/behind the Apple logo with the phone keeping a metal back. I also wasn’t against the glass design from the 4/4S, I actually loved it.

  • RedGeminiPA

    Don’t jump to conclusions so soon. I remember everyone saying who much they hated the iPhone 4 leak designs and the stolen one Gizmado ended up with. Everyone said “Apple would never make something like that”… blah, blah, blah…

    When Apple revealed the iPhone 4, everyone loved it…

    • Cam Bunton

      I didn’t. lol. I hated the design in the leak, and hated it when I bought it. I sold it a few months later and bought a BlackBerry. Until the white iPhone 4 came out… then it looked decent. ;-)

      • donnybee

        That’s funny because I think that design was by far the best they’ve had. It looked elegant and classy.

        The 3GS was fantastic too and I would love another curved iPhone. But in my opinion the iPhone 4 was so much better. I even feel like the iPhone 4 design is better than the 5. The current generation looks seriously good, but the two tone doesn’t beat an all glass back! Everyone has metal or plastic, but nobody has glass! Except for sony as far as I know. It’s just a great material in my eyes.

        Oh and the 5C design is awesome too! Perfect size, shape, and weight. I just think the leaked backs of the 6 look really terrible. And I mean the kind of bad where I won’t take it out of it’s case every now and again to admire it like I’ve done with all my others..

  • hquant

    What? Look boring?

  • youri

    personaly, I don’t like any concept of the iphone 6, I Think if it does not look like the iphone 5s than it would be ugly