Possible iPhone 6 rear shell looks ready

Another rear shell for what could be the iPhone 6 has leaked today. In comparison to previous photos, this leak has the clearest images, with views of the back, sides, and inside. Overall, the design of this rear shell should look very familiar to people who are caught up in the rumor mill. However, with plastic removed, these photos provide a more detailed look into this year’s potential release from Apple.

Most importantly, one photo shows the inside of the rear shell for the first time. This Space Grey part is clearly machined out of some type of metal (presumably aluminum). Many previous leaks have been of plastic dummy units for case manufacturers, and others have been 3D printed based on previously leaked schematics. The machining on this particular piece indicates that whoever made it is financially invested in the processes required to make it. It’s probably safe to say that this is the real deal.

Once again, the Apple logo has been cut out to make way for a separate piece, much like the most current generation of iPads (and MacBooks). Another detail to note is that the camera cutout fits within the phone’s plastic bands. In many previous leaks of dummy units, the camera had obstructed the line of the top band. It has been rumored that the iPhone 6 could release as soon as August. If this leak is authentic, it could be a late prototype or even a production unit.

Are you ready for a larger iPhone? How do you like this design? If you didn’t like it before, has seeing this more realistic and precise example changed your mind? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: NWE

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