Fresh iPhone 6 photos appear online as Apple begins ramping up production

iphone 6 1

New photos of purported iPhone 6 parts have been posted by Weibo user dreamerJimmy. While we’ve seen a number of images showing what appear to be iPhone 6 parts recently, the new pictures are of reasonable quality and give us a good indication of how large the next-genereation iPhone might be in comparison to the current iPhone 5s. The poster of the images also has a good track record for posting pre-release iPhone parts, including some for the iPhone 5 and 5c months before their launch.

In the first image, above, the purported iPhone 6 is clearly larger in height with noticeably thinner bezels around the display to maximize space on the front panel. This is most obvious in the distance between the Home Button and the display which is significantly shorter.

The front-facing FaceTime camera and speaker components are also seemingly closer together with the hole for the camera appearing larger inside. This might point to a significant FaceTime camera update in the next-gen phone – given the popularity of selfies these days, that would not be a surprise.

iphone 6 2

In the second image, the rear of the device is visible and features the same all-metal enclosure with an antenna construction that we have seen in all of the leaks so far.

As we head towards the fall, the expected timeframe for a new iPhone, we can expect to see more leaks from Apple’s supply chain as the company begins to ramp up production of the parts needed.

What do you think of these iPhone 6 images? Are you a fan of the purported iPhone 6 design based on what we’ve seen so far? Let us know in the comments or get in touch on Twitter: @TiP_AdamO.

Source: Weibo via 9to5Mac


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  • Duncan Casburn

    I have been a loyal iPhone user since the 3GS and have been looking forward to the promise of the iPhone 6 – but have to say nothing has got me excited yet. It’s like they’ve hire the Porsche’s design team. They come up with the same design every generation with only mild cosmetic changes. It’s (sadly) time for me to switch. The HTC One M8 is what the iPhone 6 should have been!

    • RedGeminiPA

      If you really want to deal with Android, and the MANY issues that you get along with it, more power to you. I won’t get into what Android’s “freedoms” entail, as they’ve been discussed time and time again.

      As always, there will be at least one killer feature of the next iPhone flagship that a simple iOS update won’t deliver.

      I’ve been an iPhone user since the 3G, and no matter how tempting others may be, I’m sticking with the best. When I say “best” when talking about the iPhone, it refers to so much more than just the phone itself.

      IF (huge if) I were going to buy an Android phone, it would be the HTC One M8, but that’s not gonna happen.

      • Duncan Casburn

        I hear you Red, and this has always been my view also. It may come down to simple boredom – I wish there was a way to put iOS onto the M8.

        I am concerned about battery life on the i6 too – it’s a very slim design and the only way to achieve that is by sacrificing battery.

        Having said that, I truly despise Google, and that has kept me away. But why have we had to wait so long for a larger screen? Why can I still not enhance my iOS experience without jailbreaking my phone? I am not alone in these frustrations.

        I love my iPhone, but I’m getting to the point where I think I may try something different – if I end up with regret, at least I’ll have given it a shot.

        • RedGeminiPA

          True. Buy a Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 to play around with. I’m sure that might help a little, and remind you just how much you’d miss an iPhone.

          I really can’t see how anyone can love Android (or Samsung, for that matter) with the user experience I have with my Tab 3. It’s just awful. Leave the customization for the kids who like to play with their devices. I want my devices to work, predictably and reliably. This Tab 3 isn’t one of those devices.

        • donnybee

          First, the reason we waited so long for a screen this large (remember, we got a larger screen after the 4S) is because of user experience. Any Android manufacturer can slap a huge screen on a phone. In fact, that’s how they make their phones “Better” from one generation to the next..they just bump up the size a little bit until it’s ungodly huge and more cumbersome than practical. Apply makes sure that their devices will be easy to hold, easy to use, easy for all sizes/ages, and best for developers. Apple actually pays attention to this stuff and doesn’t play into the pissing game others are so engaged in.

          Also, you have to jailbreak your iPhone because it’s locked down and safe to use. You saw the numbers.. Android accounts for 99% of the mobile malware market. So you tell me, how much are you willing to pay for immediate freedom? Not to mention the horrible lag and sputter you see on Android devices. It truly is a mess of fragmentation and different experiences. It’s not that the hardware is “more advanced” or “more high-end” than Apple, it’s that Android NEEDS those kind of ridiculous resources. Octa-core processors? 3 gigs of RAM? Without that crap, Android would run so shitty that it would be a laughing stock. It’s not “keeping up with the market” it’s meeting the software requirements for a DECENT experience.. And even that is questionable. Look at any reports-the hardest mobile software to navigate is Android. I’m not saying it takes a genius to run one, but if you want things to just WORK, then Android isn’t the one for you.

          There are plenty of other talking points; attention to developers, bloatware, safety (or lack of), garbage apps, lack of ecosystems, piles of features with no real integration, lack of updates in the future..leading to obsolescence quicker.. So many things that make Android a mess and iOS the REAL top dog. And now with just about every feature coming with iOS 8 that many liked Android for, what would make anyone want an Android at this point? Yes iOS was later to the party for some of the features, but Android is the perfect example of what happens why you just throw features in without attention to detail, ease of use, safety and integration. I’m glad Apple took longer to do it right.

          So I guess I’ll ask this to anyone, what will Android have at the end of this year that Apple won’t have, that you’d be willing to sacrifice so much else for?

    • TBN27

      I literally think that pictures don’t so the iPhone 6 justice. It’s best to wait for the actual product in hand. In your situation I am the reverse of it. I had android from day one and left android last year because of severe crashing and freezing of the android smartphones that I owned. All only saw one update thankfully. The HTC One M8 is the best looking android smartphone out there. Even besting the galaxy S5, which compared to what LG has released is just lame. I would recommend the nexus 5 overall for its updates from google but if you are bored with iPhone, you will be bored with that.

  • nhaj

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    • RedGeminiPA

      Sell them on eBay yourself, and make top dollar. That’s what all of those companies do, after all…

    • donnybee

      So.. you just found that site, but you’ve used it before?

      Yeah, that makes sense. Leave the blog spammer!

  • If this significantly increases the phone width, I probably won’t buy it. My iPhone 5s slips into my key pocket on my pants very snuggly right now.

    • Adam Oram

      Think the reduced bezel might help, but it’ll certainly be a tad wider

    • RedGeminiPA

      I don’t see this being any wider than my 5S with the Mophie Juicepack on it, but much, MUCH thinner. Hopefully Apple does something about battery life, so I don’t have to have the huge bulk of a Juicepack just to get through a day of heavy use.

      • donnybee

        That would be nice! I don’t carry a battery pack because the iPhone charges so quick that I’ll just plug it in from time-to-time at work or in my car. It would be nice to not have to do that, but if that means I have to start seeing enormous phones like what other manufacturers are pumping out, then I’ll stick with the way things are. I prefer the best experience, rather than bulk and monstrosity. Hahah

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