New iPhone 6 mockup emerges, gets compared to Samsung Galaxy S5 in new photos

iPhone 6

There has been no shortage of iPhone 6 dummy phones and mockups so far this week and today yet another has emerged, this time from Macitynet. The Italian site has compared what appears to be a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 physical mockup to the Samsung Galaxy S5.

While the images above and below reveal nothing new about the next generation iPhone that has not already been reported, they do give an indication as to how the iPhone 6 might stack up to the S5 in physical stature.

iPhone 6 2

As you can see, the ‘iPhone 6’ is smaller in every dimension than the Galaxy S5. The S5 sports a 5.1-inch display so is wider and taller than the purported iPhone 6 but is also visibly thicker than the alleged next gen iPhone at 8.1mm. The iPhone 6 is widely reported to be as thin as 6mm and the mockup in the photos is clearly thinner than the S5.

iPhone 6 3

The iPhone 6 mockup in the images is reportedly a “final” version¬†used to ensure cases, such as the one we saw previously, will fit Apple’s next flagship phone. If true, this would suggest that what you see here could be a solid representation of what we can expect from Apple’s next iPhone.

iPhone 6 4

Several other design elements are visible in the photos that we have seen previously such as an all aluminium casing with antenna breaks, protruding camera lens, apparently single-LED flash, and a sleep/wake button placed on the right-hand side of the device.

The video below by ConceptsiPhone (via BGR) shows Macitynet’s photos in relation to the iPhone 4s and iPhone 5s to give a further indication of the physical size of the device.

What do you think of the latest iPhone 6 mockup to emerge? Are you a fan of the alleged new design for the next gen device? Sound off in the comments or grab me on Twitter: @TiP_AdamO.

Source: Macitynet via MacRumors

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  • De’Marcus Kourage Winbush

    I’m starting to get excited. Can’t wait until September.

    • Adam Oram

      Me too!

    • RedGeminiPA

      Count me in, but my upgrade should come the early part of next year around January. I’m leaning towards the 5.5″ iPhone, maybe. From the sounds of it, I might have a tough decision if the 5.5″ is here when it’s time to upgrade.

      • De’Marcus Kourage Winbush

        I agree. I have a feeling that Apple might finally change it up with two screen sizes to compete with Samsung. I have a lot of friends and people I know that are switching to a android phone because of the screen size and they need to stay on top and give people what they want. 5.5 in is hard to believe I see 4.7 and 5.1. They are still going to promote the iPhone 5S but sales are slow because people will wait the the new phone.

  • De’Marcus Kourage Winbush

    This makes sense because companies like otter box lifeproof incipio need at least 3 months or more for production.