Dr Dre celebrates becoming ‘First Billionaire in Hip Hop’ as Apple deal seemingly confirmed

With the internet going berserk around the hype of Apple’s acquisition of Beats Electronics, a leaked celebratory video has seemingly confirmed the venture.

The video showed up on the Facebook page of Tyrese Gibson, R&B singer and actor who starred in the Fast and Furious franchise. He posted a status which read “How did I end up in the studio with Dr Dre on the night his deal went public what he did with Apple 3.2 billion!”. It was accompanied by a video of Gibson, celebrating with Dr Dre and several of his close friends. Amidst the wild party atmosphere Dr Dre can be heard shouting “I’m the first billionaire in hip hop”.

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The screenshot above, taken by Business Insider captures the Facebook status and video. What’s interesting is that Gibson pulled this video from his Facebook feed a while later. Of course, it had already been picked up by social media, but the fact that the video was later taken down may well show that both parties are waiting to confirm the venture officially. It does seem however that the celebrations pictured confirm the rumor that Apple has made the acquisition of Beats Electronics, in a deal which has made Dr Dre Hip Hop’s first billionaire.

The full video of the celebration can be found on Youtube here, however it carries a NSFW label, and contains language that some may find offensive.

Via: Business Insider

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  • De’Marcus Kourage Winbush

    It’s over for Samsung! They just died. Those EarPods are going to kill the game. I love my Beats by Dre and knowing that this deal is almost done is great for the iPhone.

    • Bill Thomas

      Well I hope it don’t jack up the price of the iPhone up over 100 dollars over a pair of headphones!!

      • Stephen Warwick

        That’s an interesting point, do you think this acquisition will make an impact as early as the next iPhone?

        • Love Harris

          I don’t think Apple will have anything ready through this Beats purchase for the next iPhone. At all. We are likely only 4 months away from an announcement. Which means the physical iPhone of next is already decided on, and everything about it. At this point, Apple just needs to start production in time to have a sufficient amount at launch.

          Only thing negotiable at this point would be software and services. Which could warrant curiosity in Beats music becoming a possible merger with iTunes radio, but even that’s a bit far fetched for iOS 8 at launch.

  • De’Marcus Kourage Winbush

    I think that it will make an impact because people love the quality of the headphone and the EarPods were not successful. You look on the Instagram of beats by dre and they show more iPhones with beats then then htc phone. Then htc phone with beats bombed and beats and apple make a more powerful connection.

    • Bill Thomas

      This is true I have seen more iPhone and iPods with them headphones but maybe that’s not why Apple acquired them….do u think it may have anything to do with there streaming music service???? From what I have been reading iTunes sales are down and a lot of other campines have been introducing streaming music subscriptions into there Eco systems.