iPhone 6 camera to feature image stabilisation and larger pixels [Rumor]

Fresh rumors are today suggesting that the iPhone 6’s camera will feature some key new features to make taking photos on the iPhone even better.

Analyst Sun Chang Xu has reported that Apple plans to increase the pixel size of the iPhone 6’s camera to 1.7µ, up from 1.5µ in the current iPhone. Ideally, this should ensure that the camera will be able to capture more light in a shot, making for more detailed photos, but also a marked difference in low-light performance, where Android competitors, such as the HTC One M8 perform so brilliantly. The M8 currently uses 2µ pixels, so if these rumors are true, the iPhone 6 camera may still find itself outclassed by Android alternatives, but you can rest assured that Apple will be making further changes to the camera that should make for good improvements.


Furthermore, Apple is reportedly introducing new electronic image stabilisation that will reduce image blurring. Electronic stabilisation uses an algorithm to compare pixel location between frames, making automatic adjustments if there is a discrepancy detected. The performance has naturally been compared to optical image stabilisation, with allows for a floating lens that compensates for movement as you line up a shot. Initial thoughts seem to favour the latter, and so again it remains to be seen how Apple’s next iPhone’s camera will perform with seemingly less-favorable technology.

The iPhone’s camera is an excellent feature of the device, with some awesome capabilities, such as slow motion video recording. However, eyebrows have been raised by Apple’s decision to stick by an 8MP model for so long as competitors surge past this relatively poor benchmark. These new rumors would make for some exciting editions to the iPhone 6, and it remains to be seen just how far Apple can push its mobile camera when the release rolls around at the end of the year.


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