Fantastic Vertex Tweak Merges Control Center and Mulitasking


During the lead up to a new version of iOS, many people make mockups of what the new OS could look like, or features that it might bring. A few weeks back, someone made a mockup of what it would look like if Apple merged multitasking and Control Center. The concept soon became popular on Apple news websites, and on Reddit. It became so popular a group of jailbreak developers decided to bring the idea to reality. The tweak, Vertex, brings the concept to life while also improving upon it.

When I first opened the new Control Center/Multitasking my first impression was, “Why wasn’t it like this from the beginning?” On the top half of the screen you’ll see the card switcher for the apps. It works exactly like the actual app switcher, and is compatible with the other app switcher tweaks I already have installed. On the bottom half you get your typical Control Center options that we’ve all come to know and love. The music controls, brightness, and customizable toggles are all there.


It’s compatible with many app switcher tweaks.

While the tweak does have a lot to offer it does have some shortcomings that fake it fall short of being amazing. When you activate Vertex you can double tap the home button or swipe up. While the double tap works fine, the swipe up gesture isn’t always smooth, it can be quirky, and doesn’t follow along your finger like stock Control Center or even Notification Center does. To make it more like the stock app switcher, you can enable icons with the app cards. The problem is the icons are too big, and it just looks awkward. However, my biggest gripe is that when you set Vertex to use your wallpaper as a background instead of the gray, it’s can be laggy at times, and sometimes the toggles can be hard to see depending on the background.


Despite a few shortcomings I really enjoy using Vertex. It brings together two things that should never have been separated in the first place. I can’t count the number of times I go to multitasking looking for the music controls, and with Vertex it’s all in one place. It’s made me more efficient having everything in one place. I think it looks very good, almost to the point that Apple made it. The tweak has no noticeable bugs, and runs well for the most part.

In the end, Vertex creates a one-stop shop for quickly managing iOS. It looks great and it’s a lot more convenient having everything under one roof. I’m still stuck on my iOS 6 habits and I’m constantly looking for music in the app switcher, so this solves that habit. I highly recommend this tweak, as it works well and is a great concept. Once the kinks get worked out it will be great. It’s available for $1.50 in Cydia.

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  • Nathan Bryant

    Nice, but over hyped much…