Retina MacBook Air coming later this year?


Apple’s Retina-equipped MacBook Pros are stunning notebooks. But, with the Pro line, the idea is to have a really powerful, quick computer capable of replacing a desktop. For those who want a slim, portable laptop, the MacBook Air is the best option, but there’s a compromise: Poorer resolution. For the last couple of years, all many of us have wanted is a MacBook Air with the same pixel-dense display from the Retina MBP range. And it could be coming this year, according to a forum post.

According to DigiTimes:

However, other Taiwan-based supply chain makers hold the opinion that 2014 MacBook shipments estimates may not be accurate because Apple will launch new models in the second half of 2014. Apple will reportedly launch a MacBook Air with Retina display, the makers said.

As with anything from DigiTimes, it’s worth taking the news with a pinch of salt. It’s not known for being reliable consistently. But, this same speculation had already surfaced at another Chinese forum, from someone with a pretty good track record.

Regardless of the reliability of the source in question, a Retina MacBook Air has never really been a case of “if” it would happen. It’s always been about timing, available technology and Apple’s rate of innovation. I think most with any interest and knowledge of Apple’s ways will know with some certainty that it’s only a matter of time before all Macs are Retina-equipped. And with so many sources singing from the same hymn sheet, it won’t be long before we see a rMBA.

Source: DigiTimes

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  • touchedmysoul09

    I suppose a rMBA would be nice, but I feel like the major selling point of the MBA line is portability and long battery life (better than most other laptops out there) A Retina Display addition would probably require a lot more energy to power and therefore affect the incredible battery life. Not sure if that’s a compromise that I would personally like, but we will see.