Mophie’s Space Pack for iPhone 5/5s gives you extra battery power and storage in one case – Hands On [CU Exposed 2014]


Mophie’s well-known for its battery packs and cases. In fact, if you were to think of battery cases for iPhone, its name would be among the first on your mind. Earlier this year, the company announced a brand new product called Space Pack. Like the Juice Pack it adds some extra battery power to your iPhone, but also gives you extra storage capacity. Both – in the minds of many – are two of the most frustrating flaws in the iPhone. You can’t swap out the battery, and you can’t expand the storage. Space Pack takes care of both.

Its size and shape is very similar to its lineup of Juice Pack cases. Of course, it adds a little bulk to your iPhone, but it’s comfortable to hold, well-built and looks good. You get an extra 1700mAh battery to give your iPhone a 100% recharge and a choice between 16GB or 32GB of extra storage space for your pictures, music and video.

What’s particularly great is that you can manage the accessory through an app. Use it to check battery level, or manage the files being stored on the built-in flash memory. And, if you want, you can hook it up to your computer with a USB cable and drag and drop files as you would with a regular flash drive or external hard drive. You can buy the Space Pack for $149 (£129) for the 16GB model or $179 (£159) for the 32GB one. It’s available in black or white from

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  • Ajzen

    Glad to hear this. But I already got a portable external battery charger from ravpower. It’s small and powerful. I’m happy with it.

  • sboarder2376

    Phonesuit makes better packs than mophie anyway… and cant you get the same extra storage through the cloud for way cheaper? YES