iPad Pro concept features almost bezel-free 4K 12.9-inch display [pics]


Will they, won’t they? A question many have been debating ever since the first iPad arrived on the scene in 2010. It seems logical to some that Apple will copy its Mac range across its iOS devices too. Back in the day we use to see concepts and rumors of an iPhone Pro. This was back when the iPhone was still in its infancy and many manufacturers were still creating devices with built-in physical keyboards. Needless to say, these iPhone Pro concepts featured a slide-out keyboard. Something an iPhone will never, and should never have.

So, will Apple create an iPad that’s a crossover between iOS and MacBook? My own personal feeling is no. It’s not necessary, and it’d be hideously expensive. But that doesn’t stop the rumors or the concepts coming. Today’s iPad concept features a “Pro” version with a “4K” display. Curved.de came up with the design and imagine it to be almost entirely free of bezels of any kind, which I have to say looks quite odd being used to having a framed display, but would still be a way to maximize screen real estate while keeping the device’s overall footprint to a minimum.

The rest of the specs are outlined as follows:

  • The iPad Pro design is pretty close to its siblings, the iPad mini Retina and iPad Air. Curved corners and a flat back. Sound is provided from speakers that are placed left and right from the Lightning connector.

  • Touch ID is integrated in the saphire glass protected home button, which was introduced for iPhone 5s.

  • The screen is 12.9 inch wide and has a 4K-solution with 3,072×2,304 pixels (298 ppi), using LED-backlights and IPS-technology.

  • Even though it’s wider, it’s still as thin as the iPad Air: 7.5 mm.

  • The bigger screen with more pixels requires an A8 chipset with 64-bit-architecture.

  • Apps for the iPad Air are shown optimized by the iPad Pro. Dedicated apps – labelled with “Pro” – use the higher resolution and performance of the all new iPad Pro.

  • New pencils may fully employ all the features like pressure sensitivity. But don’t hold your breath for a multi button pen made by Apple.

What do you guys think? Can you see a purpose for an “iPad Pro” or is it another one of those “obvious” assumptions on Apple’s future pipeline that’ll never pan out?

To see the entire collection of images, head on over to Curved.de.

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Via: 9to5Mac

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  • Tom Kelly

    I have a problem with one of the stated specs:

    “The screen is 12.9 inch wide and has a 4K-solution with 3,072×2,304 pixels (298 ppi), using LED-backlights and IPS-technology.”

    The above suggested resolution of 3072×2304 pixels is the proper 4:3 ratio display for a 3K display.
    A 4K iPad Pro would actually have a pixel resolution of 4096×3072 (397 ppi) at 4:3 ratio.
    4K resolution actually means 4×1024 = 4096.
    A 4K iPad Pro would actually have exactly a 4K by 3K resolution display which is exactly 4 times the pixels of the current Retina iPad (2048×1536 pixel display).

  • Nguyen kinh luan

    The design pattern is really amazing. Will you show me some other design?http://goo.gl/hrmBrB