Create Your Own Lock Screens with Lockbuilder Tweak

lockbuildfeatureIt’s no secret that the iOS lock screen is a baron and empty place. As I have said before, it’s a canvas waiting to be painted. There are quite a few excellent jailbreak tweaks that paint it, but let’s get our hands dirty and paint it our selves. A tweak, Lockbuilder, lets you create a very customizable lock screen in a manner that was a good concept, but using it could be extremely frustrating at times.


The Lockbuilder menu.

After installing it in Cydia, you have to enable Lockbuilder in Cydget, and after a respring you’re good to go. When you first go to the lock screen you’ll be greeted with a tutorial. After you trudge your way through it, you’re ready to start making a lock screen. To start, at the top of the screen, you’ll see an oversized NC grabber, and clicking on it will open the main menu. The menu has six options: Weather Items, Widgets, Icons, Background, Fonts & Color, and Settings.

weatherWeather Items – Here you can add the time, date, temperature, city, and more. They can be moved by one finger, and two fingers pinching and expanding resizes it. Also, with the two fingers, you can also rotate the specific text.


Widgets – It does as the name suggests, it adds widgets. Some of the widgets are weather, Twitter, and an Android-style clock. They’re aesthetically fine, but I’ve had problems deleting them, causing me to reset and start over. They’re a hassle to use, and most of the functionality they offer can be found in elsewhere within the tweak.

iconsIcons – Lockbuilder lets you add icons of select apps to your lock screen for quick launch. Included are Maps, Messages, Instagram, Facebook, Mail, and a few more. You can move, resize, and reorient the icons like you can with text. One nice touch is that you can make the icons from any Winterboard theme you have installed, and the theme doesn’t have to be applied to use it.

backgroundBackgrounds – This is an abyss that you should never go into. It’s goal is to let you set a wallpaper, be able to blur it, and that’s about it. When you slide to unlock, you will see the iOS wallpaper, and it looks horrid. If you want to use a wallpaper with the tweak, just set it in the Settings or Photos app.

fontsFonts & Colors – This lets you change the color and font of the text you created in the Weather Items. It includes a color picker so you can set it to the perfect shade.

settingsSettings – This is where you can go to save your lock screens and load them at a later time. You can also reset it completely, and redo the tutorial. You can save your theme and even upload it to Cydia. Lockbuilder has gotten its own category in Cydia.

Other- For some reason there’s a Google button, and you can enter something and search Google. I’m not really sure of the purpose behind it, but it’s there for the using. There’s also a lock button, which prevent all the text and icons from moving.

This tweak is an excellent idea, and it’s clear the developer put a lot of work and time behind it. It works mostly well, and a lot better than when I used the beta. The problem is that when undertaking a task this big, things will fall through the cracks, and it’s going to be nearly impossible to perfect. Making lock screens is mostly easy, but the tweak can act up, and then things get really frustrating. Sometimes a button won’t acknowledge being pressed, I can’t get rid of a widget, or I just get launched into safe mode. There is also a one second delay when you first turn on the screen, which can be annoying, and the new lock screen will go away if you get a notification. It for the most part works well, but it can be quirky at times and that’s when I lose all patience and get frustrated.

At the end of the day, it’s a very versatile tweak that brings a lot to the table. You can add weather, widgets, icons, and move it all around in any way you desire. The biggest flaw is that it can be quirky and for the impatient, it will be intolerable. I recommend this to anyone who’s patient enough to make a lock screen, and that can put up with the quirks of the tweak. You can buy it for $5.00 in the Cydia Store.

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