Apple in talks with Comcast over Apple TV streaming deal


When it became clear that the Apple TV was no longer just a hobby product for Apple, we all began to get excited about its future. Perhaps finally, it would end the reliance of US consumers on cable providers. But, with so many new channels being added with individual subscriptions required, it seems that it may not be the “cable cutter” many were hoping it would be. As much is confirmed by a recent report stating that Cupertino execs are in talks with Comcast over providing a streaming service through one of its products.

This particular channel or service would allow users to stream live television through their Apple TV and access on demand services. According to the report, this deal would give Apple preferential treatment in regards to streaming traffic and would ensure that streams remain smooth even if traffic is high.

The deal isn’t yet close to agreement. It would require a pretty extensive hardware upgrading program on Comcast’s part. Apple’s demands seemingly would force Comcast to improve its infrastructure to ensure that there are no performance issues. There’s also the obvious question as to whether Apple can secure the rights to stream all the shows and movies on offer.

For now, file this under “in progress”. If these talks are anything like those which allowed Apple to start offering a music streaming service, they could take months, or even years before any agreement is made.

Via: WSJ

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