My 5 most addictive iOS games

As we all know, gaming on iOS can be addictive, very addictive… But what are the most addictive games on iOS? I’ve compiled a list of 5 games that I believe can literally ruin your life. I know that doesn’t make this article very appealing, but you’ll still want to try them anyway.

Candy Crush Saga – Free

Download: App Store

First up, the dreaded Candy Crush. Quite simple really, crush candy. Match up the candy by switching pieces around to crush as much candy as possible! Candy Crush, like all the other games available is easy to pick up, but hard to master. Complaints of the games later levels being “too hard” are rife, and its very easy to see why this app has consumed the minds and sanity of so many. Not to be confused with Ghandi crush, a herbally infused non-alcoholic Indian beverage I have just formulated in my mind. Play this game at your peril, side effects range from insomnia, anxiety and frequent outbursts of rage.

Angry Birds – $0.99/£0.69 (Free version available)

Download: App Store

Angry Birds is the Godfather of addicting iOS games. Largely because of a formula similar to that of Candy Crush, easy to pick up, hard to master. Unlike Candy Crush however, the skill of Angry Birds lies in picking the right trajectory, and timing your various powers to bring down stronghold after stronghold of greedy pigs. The back-story to Angry Birds is somewhat bizarre, but once it lures you in, it never lets go. Thanks to several very successful spin-offs, fluffy toys and even a candy, Angry Birds could very quickly empty your wallet, and rob you of days of your life.

Temple Run/Temple Run 2 – Free

Download: App Store


Unlike the two previous apps, Temple Run isn’t easy to pick up, it’s just difficult, plain difficult. Building on the incredibly successful first instalment, Temple Run 2 features awesome new graphics and great new features. To consider yourself a true pro, you need to master them both. However neither of them can in fact be “mastered” because they are in fact infinite. In this Imangi has certainly cracked the problem of playtime. Temple Run 2 may be a little off the radar now, but it was yesterday updated with an awesome St. Patrick’s Day update, and the novelty of this game will never wear off. It has proved the inspiration for many similar games, and you’ll often find yourself competing against your friends to the point of despair. A true test of dexterity and mental composure, but beware of repetitive strain injury.

Real Racing 3 – Free

Download: App Store

Away from the arcade, Real Racing 3 is one of the finest games to grace the App Store, and one of the most addictive. The pull of Real Racing 3 not only lies in its incredible graphics and gameplay, but its extensive range of cars, tracks and game modes that will keep you spellbound for weeks. Integration with Origin means you can challenge your friends constantly in all manner of achievements, be it lap times, car accumulated or wealth amassed.  Real Racing is one of the few games that achieves addiction status absent the arcade model. Even better, it’s free, but don’t believe the hype, you will never beat this game, your lap times can always be faster…

Minecraft – $6.99/£4.99

Download: App Store

Minecraft is a difficult game to sell. I myself am something of a fan boy, and once played the PC version so extensively I began to dream in 16 bit. If you’ve never played Minecraft, you probably look on this games graphics with pity, and you would never dream of touching such an atrocity. Yet if you have every had the good fortune to play Minecraft, you are likely very pale.  Minecraft is addictive because… well, no one really knows. There is no point to Minecraft (asides killing the dragon, which can only be achieved in the PC version), no goal, no objective, no guidance. Yet somehow, this game is possibly the most addictive on the list. The novelty of Minecrafts graphics and its engine combine to produce a game that pulls its player back towards with alarming gravity. Shelling out $6.99 is a little steep yes, but boy is it worth it.

Your Suggestions?

So there are my 5 most addictive iOS games. But what are yours? Leave your suggestions and stories in the comments below, or hit me up on Twitter @TiP_Stephen


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  • Eeddgg

    Actually, you can kill the ender dragon in minecraft Xbox 360/PS3

    • Stephen Warwick

      I realised this after, totally forgot haha!

  • There were some good games that I used to be ‘addicted’ to but haven’t played in a while. My top 5 games now:
    1. Lego Star Wars
    2. Nertz
    3. Threes
    4. Football Heroes
    5. GBA4iOS (Not a single game, but it’s getting use on my iPhone)

    • Stephen Warwick

      I love Lego Star Wars because it’s so close to the original for PS2, however I can’t stand paying extra to unlock more episodes.

      • I thought that at first. However, I don’t even use my PS2 anymore. And since I always have my iPad with me, it seemed like a good idea to grab the iOS version. The only downside: The iOS version doesn’t seem to be 2 player. (I would love it more if it was)

        • Stephen Warwick

          Multiplayer does seen to be the next big step for iOS. Minecraft that’s it’s viable, so I would love to see it pushed more!

          • I don’t doubt that it’s viable, and for games like Minecraft, it could easily replicate the PC experience. For games like Lego Star Wars, though, they were created for 2 players on the same screen. It’s a bit harder to do that on iOS unless you can replicate the game on both screens with excellent syncing between the devices.

  • yo yo


  • Only me

    “Not to be confused with Ghandi crush, a herbally infused non-alcoholic Indian beverage I have just formulated in my mind ” – this had me in stitches in my car – nice one

  • Drew

    Rankr is more addictive than any of the above!