togoDock turns any metal surface into an instant iPhone dock

As a proud iPhone owner, I love having my iPhone within arms length at all times. While this is sometimes easy, it is also often hard, and if you’ve ever tried to do so while charging your iPhone, you know that the cord can make this task incredibly difficult. However, that’s where togoDock comes in. This new project on Indigogo is a dock that keeps the USB cord neat and tidy, while using high powered magnets on the back to allow you to dock your iPhone anywhere on a metal surface.

What is togoDock?

Have you ever pulled that tangled and knotted iPhone cable out of your bag?
Are you sick of cords scattered all over your kitchen counter?
Do you wish your car mount charged your phone without a separate cable?

Meet togoDock, the world’s first magnetically-integrated portable dock and charge cable. Using high-strength magnetics, you can turn just about any surface into a portable iPhone dock.


This new project from [Fuse]chicken is a follow-up of their previous Indigogo funded project called Une Bobine perk, which was also a docking solution. The project is seeking $20,000, and has already raised over $10,000. There’s even a special package that combines both the todoDock and the Une Bobine perk, which is a pretty special deal.

If you’re in the market for a new dock, be sure to head on over to the togoDock’s Indigogo page and support the engineers behind the project!

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