Square launches special (Product) RED card reader

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Square has teamed up with RED to launch a special edition card reader. The (Product) RED card reader will cost you a $10 donation, with over 97% of that money going directly to the charity in order to help fight AIDS on a global scale. As well as  money from each unit’s sale going to charity, customers swiping their cards to make purchases will also get the option to donate to RED.

For every (PRODUCT)RED™ SQUA(RED) Reader ordered, 97.25% of the $10 donation amount will go to the Global Fund to fight AIDS—which could provide more than 24 days of life-saving medicine for someone living with HIV.

The impact doesn’t end there. When you swipe (RED), your customers can donate right from their emailed receipts to help deliver an AIDS FREE GENERATION. Every swipe can make a difference.

Over the years, RED has teamed up with a number of companies to create great-looking products that help fight AIDS. Chief among its partners is Apple, whose original (Product) RED iPod a number of years ago was its first joint venture with the charity. Since then, the company’s gone on to launch RED versions of its Smart Covers and Smart Cases for iPad, as well as the official iPhone 5s leather case. We’ve also seen a one-off special edition of the new Mac Pro launched as part of a special auction which raised over $975k for the charity. That was purchased by former Apple designer, and founder of Nest labs, Tony Fadell.

SQUA(RED) can be ordered directly from Red.org.

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