Rumor predicts iPhone 6 camera to feature 10MP sensor, f/1.8 and resin lens filter


As rumors go, this is the one of the most specific we’ve read yet regarding Apple’s next flagship smartphone. The iPhone 6 (as it’s being dubbed) could see a pixel boost for the first time since the iPhone 4S. According to Chinese site, IT168 – and its Taiwanese sources – the iPhone 6 could feature a 10 megapixel sensor with an aperture of f/1.8.

Boosted pixels mean little if the sensor isn’t bigger, or the lens isn’t capable of letting in more light, and that would seem to be the case if this rumor is true. Improving the aperture from f/2.2 to f/1.8 would allow more light and create better photographs, particularly in low light situations. Perhaps the most intriguing point of the rumor – however – is a move to use a different kind of filter.

Currently, the iPhone 5s’ camera system is equipped with a hybrid IR filter. It’s pretty impressive for a small camera, but it can be improved. According to the speculation offered, Apple could move to adopt a resin lens filter built by a Japanese company named JSR. The manufacturer is known for its resins which are reportedly lighter and thinner than the hybrid IR filter currently in use. This would allow for clearer images too, as it has the ability to reduce the color shifts commonplace with CMOS sensors used in smartphones.

This is for sure not the first time we’ll hear rumors about the next iPhone’s camera. You can expect there to be contradicting stories in between now and when the phone launches (presumably in September/October). Treat this with the usual skepticism required with any rumor.

Via: MacRumors, GforGames
Source: IT168 [Google Translate] 

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  • DrewPage

    This is probably one of those rumors that has some truth to it.  It would be very Apple-like to do that to the camera.  I am yet again hoping for a larger screen, along with everyone else on earth who buys iPhones.  I mean, I am just fine with the current screen, but a larger screen to watch movies and edit photos would be great.  Maybe about 4.8 inches?

  • touchedmysoul09

    I could see this happening, although before camera improvements I’d like to see a much better battery life first hand and then maybe a larger screen.  Not totally devoted to changing the screen size as much as I am improving the battery on the phone.