Rumor: Optoelectronics sensor to power iWatch heart rate and oxygen sensors

iWatch sensors have been the center of many rumors recently. Earlier this week, there was a major rumor claiming that the iWatch would not focus on advanced sensors but would rather put a focus on more basic health sensors such as heart rate. To add to the rumors, a new report today is claiming that Apple will use optoelectronic sensor technology to power the iWatch’s heart rate and oxygen monitoring sensors.

iWatch concept

iWatch concept

Optoelectronic sensors are sensors used in the medical field to determine many different factors of health such as heart rate and blood oxygen content by measuring changes in light that is reflected from the body. This technology is most common in blood oxygen level sensors that are put on the tips of fingers and use optoelectronic sensors to measure oxygen in the blood.

To implement the technology into the iWatch, Apple will most likely have to use infrared lights or other lights on the band of the iWatch, but the technology is said to be pretty accurate. It was also rumored that Apple would use the same sensor for glucose measurements, but scrapped the idea because the technology is not particularly accurate for this type of measurement.

The more rumors that come out about Apple’s iWatch, the more excited I get about the device. This technology seems really cool and useful, and would allow accurate sensors in a non-invasive way on the band of the watch. I would love to buy an iWatch, and if/when it’s announced, I’ll probably be first in line to buy one at my local store. What are your thoughts on this new sensor? Use the comments section below, or tweet me at @TiP_Griffin to let me know!

Source: AppleInsider

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