Pebble Appstore arriving on Monday, February 3rd

pebble appstore

Out of all the wearable technology on the market, none have capture quite the same amount of attention as the Pebble smartwatch. The original model is the biggest success story from Kickstarter, the popular crowd-sourcing site, and yet it’s nowhere near reaching its potential yet. Recently, alongside its new model, the Pebble Steel, the company announced a new Appstore for creating bespoke programs for the smartwatch. That Pebble Appstore will be launching on Monday, February 3rd.

During the demonstration, Pebble was shown working with apps like Foursquare, Yelp and Pandora, and is only the tip of the iceberg. The companies developer tools are available to anyone and will hopefully spawn a new generation of wrist-worn apps. What we didn’t know until today was when that Appstore (note: Note App Store, that’s Apple’s) would launch.

Today’s announcement was broadcast on Twitter by Pebble Evangelist @tnkgirl, and has many of us excited over how much of the Pebble’s initial potential can be reached with third party developers. If it’s anything like the iOS success story, developers will be crucial to making the most of the smartwatch platform.

Via: @tnkgirl 

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  • DrewPage

    Awesome about time. My pebble finally moves into the big time!

  • TiP_Cam

    DrewPage  I didn’t get the first gen, so I’m waiting for my Pebble Steel to arrive. Can’t come soon enough.