Add a Guest Account to iOS with GuestMode Tweak


iOS devices over the years have evolved into devices that we share and use with many people. The problem is there have never been user accounts or any way to determine who has access to what. A new tweak, GuestMode, tries to solve this problem by adding a guest account to the iPhone. The account that it adds can be heavily customized to suit the guests that will wander through your iOS device.

There is a very good variety of ways to enter the guest account. My personal favorite is adding a guest button at the bottom of the passcode keypad. It can be set on the right, left, or if you want to make it obvious right and left. You could also set a right to left swipe to enter guest mode. Alternatively you can continue swiping left to right past the passcode keypad. If you don’t want the guest account to be visible, you can set an alternate passcode that will unlock into the guest mode. Also, you can set an activator gesture. The possibilities are endless.

You can continue swiping in either direction to enter GuestMode

You can continue swiping in either direction to enter GuestMode.

When setting up your guest account, there is a plethora of options. Firstly, you can select which apps can be accessed from the account. A great yet subtle option is that if you enable the phone app, you can only use the dialer. You can also block off things like Siri, Notification Center, Control Center, Multitasking, and Spotlight. It is very clear the developer thought of all the potential security loopholes and made sure that they were plugged.

The Guest Account can be tweaked in many ways to your liking.

GuestMode can be tweaked in many ways to your liking.

This tweak should have been included in stock iOS, and has so many potential uses. A parent could give their child the family iPad, and the kid can be restricted to only games. The child can’t wander into other applications or accidentally change any settings. It could be used to quickly change the Spotify playlist without ever having to enter the passcode. There are so many different ways that it can be used in the life of every iPhone/iPad owner.

Using this tweak for me has been amazing. I really enjoy having the guest mode on my phone, and I personally use it to quickly access a few apps without a passcode. Looking at the bigger picture, this has been a long requested iOS feature, and I hope to see something modeled after this in iOS 8. The tweak works very well, and I haven’t found any security holes in the guest account. The tweak is a great concept, and more importantly it was executed very well.

GuestMode is a deep and versatile tweak that should be on every iOS device. It can be used in so many ways, and the ways it can be customized are endless. It was a very well done tweak, and hopefully it will make its way into a future version of iOS. I highly recommend this to anyone with a jailbroken iOS device. It will be available soon on Cydia for $0.99, and it is worth every penny.

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  • DrewPage

    Seems pretty cool, but I wonder what the battery life cost.  I noticed that when I installed the 7.0.4 jailbreak, my battery life took a hit, and notifications were kind of wonky.  This was with only Springtomize 3.  I loved it, but I valued battery life more.  IOS 7.1 should be interesting.

  • AndrewBenfer

    blakek_ is this a jailbreak tweak?

  • blakek_

    AndrewBenfer it is; saw it on reddit