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Having just downloaded the exceptional Yahoo News Digest, I thought it timely to bring you a round-up of some of the best news apps available on iOS.

Because news isn’t a premium service like podcasts or other forms of entertainment, I’ve stuck to free apps. In my personal opinion, the 5 apps I’ve picked are probably the best 5 available anyway, so spending money on a news app won’t necessarily get you a better experience. Here are some of the best news apps available on iOS.

LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse screens

Formerly Pulse, LinkedIn Pulse received an Apple Design Award at WWDC. With its streamlined reading experience and crisp user interface, it’s not hard to see why. LinkedIn Pulse allows you to totally customize your news experience, selecting from an extensive range of news sources in each particular category, be it sport, science, technology, or anything else for that matter. There are thousands of sources to choose from, with new publishers being added every week. In terms of your own customisable news-reading experience, LinkedIn Pulse is second to none in this list. It’s also got some great features, such as device syncing. Saved stories can be used with dedicated reading articles such as Instapaper, and stories you’ve read are loaded in a way that they can be re-read without a data connection later on. LinkedIn Pulse brings unrivalled customisability and a great user interface to this fight, and is certainly worth some of your time.

Free – Download for iPhone and iPad

BBC News

BBC News screens

The BBC is a stalwart bastion of reliable journalism. This app stands out in the list as the only one to draw exclusively on its own content, rather than provide a service that brings news together from many places. Nonetheless, the BBC offers a first class news service, with insightful articles, frequent updates and excellent use of media such as video and animation. The strength of this app lies in the quality of its content, with the software itself offering basic functionalities in terms of sharing and customisation. The app also offers the opportunity to stream the BBC News Channel live.

Free – Download for iPhone and iPad

Yahoo News Digest

Yahoo News Digest screens

Yahoo News Digest is very much the… err… new kid on the block, but boy does this app do its job well. Based on the summary algorithms of popular app Summly, News Digest is unique in its delivery of news. Yahoo News Digest brings you two daily digests, one in the morning and one in the evening. Each news story delivered is known as an Atom, and comprises summarised information from a whole host of sources. Each news story offers excellent pictures, a well summarised article, and then further links to more in-depth articles, Twitter reaction, location information and more. Yahoo News Digest doesn’t offer the same kind of customisation that LinkedIn Pulse might, but the news Atoms it delivers to your phone are a fantastic way to take in the day’s hottest stories.

Free – Download for iPhone and iPad


News360 screens

News360 boasts some excellent features which really makes it a great news app. Like LinkedIn Pulse, it draws news from a wide range of sources, and it has a really excellent interface. News stories offered are well laid out and comprehensive, with well chosen media to back up careful writing. Yet where this app really shines is in its ability to learn. By simply giving an article a thumbs up, or a thumbs down, the app will slowly begin to establish your preferences and priorities when it comes to reading news, so that your experience is tailored over time by your news-reading activity. You can further customise the experience by selecting your news from certain topics, sources, companies or people that you have an interest in. It has an excellent array of sharing options, and can even provide local news based on your GPS location. News360 is the only app listed that actively moulds your news experience based on your activity.

Free – Download for  iPhone and iPad 


Newsify screens

For some, the allure of a great front page is just too strong. If you find yourself looking at the four previous news app and wishing that you could just read a good old-fashioned newspaper on your iPhone, then Newsify may be the app for you. Newsify allows users to collaborate all of their favourite news sources, blogs and RSS feeds under one roof, and it has a fantastic newspaper-style interface. Newsify also has a great range of features to make your reading experience great, such as a night mode, quick saving images, a landscape view and great sharing facilities.

Free – Download for iPhone and iPad

Your favorites?

So there you have it, my five best rated news apps on the iOS App Store. Have I missed any? Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions below or contact me on Twitter: @TodaysiPhone or @TiP_Stephen.

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  • sienna sandra

    im excited about these apps specially yahoo news digest but sadly its not available in Singapore App Store..