Awesome iPhone 6 concept with curved back and edge-to-edge display

A fantastic iPhone 6 concept has today emerged, showing a device with an awesome curved back, and a larger, edge-to-edge display.

The concept has been created by Federico Ciccarese, and is based around recent rumors which purport that Apple’s next iPhone will feature two large-display models of 4.7″ and 5.5″. The concept features an incredible sleek design almost reminiscent of Apple’s Magic Mouse. The thinner, lighter design has an incredible curved rear face. Touch ID features in the thinner bezels.

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Of course, edge-to-edge displays are still very much a dream of the future, however for the first time, I’ve found an edge-to-edge display concept that I actually find relatively appealing. The incredibly slim form factor would of course present some issues when it came to installing the inner hardware. This concept is right now probably more suited to the iPod line, but as parts get smaller and more efficient, there’s no reason why an iPhone of the future couldn’t feature a design such as this.

I think this design is absolutely awesome, but it’s not for everyone, what do you think? Leave your thoughts, comments and suggestions below, and be sure to check me out on Twitter @TiP_Stephen

Via: Ciccarese Design

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  • Dwinbush2

    Looks too much like the moto x

  • LeGrosVeau

    Tw33Droid TodaysiPhone horrible

  • Bluewall

    Tw33Droid TodaysiPhone faut que les gens arrête de bander sur un écran edge to edge, c’est sexy mais pas pratique :p

  • Tw33Droid

    Bluewall fantasme des iUsers à cause des bords de l’iPhone ^^

  • Phatdaddio21

    This is the most stunningly beautiful phone I’ve ever seen I’m a big apple guy and yes it looks like a little bit of HTC-1 and I’ll admit I at one time toyed with the idea of switching to android to have a HTC-1 but this design with Apple operating system is a sure winner and I’d pay full retail today for one from Apple that looked like this

  • Phatdaddio21

    Stunning and gorgeous I’d buy it today if available even if at full retail price

  • JeffWilliams

    Back looks like an HTC One.

  • Phatdaddio21

    That’s great a I phone with iOS and the best of the htc1 shape it’s a winner right outta the gate

  • MrBjorn

    I look forward when all buttons can be removed. Also lightning, wireless charging. And also headphones jack, only Bluetooth.
    The home button as well. a solid aluminum rectangle, curved light this, no holes or glitches, screen to all four edges.