Yahoo Sports gets new update, almost as beautiful as Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Sports Update

I’m not going to lie, when it comes to complete user interface overhauls of apps, Yahoo sure knows what it’s doing. You may recall last year when the search giant updated its Yahoo Weather app, and people everywhere were shocked. The app simply looked beautiful. The look had been completely revamped and brought a new, fresh, and cool looking user interface. It appears as if the company wasn’t done with its weather app, though, as today it has updated Yahoo Sports and has completely revamped the look.

The update, while not quite as beautiful as Yahoo Weather, still looks pretty darn good. It brings a dark UI look, which I prefer, as well as lots of large background images, which are also important in the weather app. The company has also included a brand new feature called “Loops” which are essentially user created GIFs that can be created from certain games and shared with friends to and gives users a way to show those hard football hits to their friends.

I, for one, really do like the new look of the app, and the loop feature. Although I don’t think that loops will be that useful, since GIFs of cool plays pop up almost instantly anyways, I still like the ability to make my own quickly, even if it is only for certain games. Be sure to check out the new update by downloading Yahoo Sports from the iOS App Store. Will you use the loop feature, or do you think it’s just a gimmick? Let us know by leaving a comment, or using Twitter: @TiP_Griffin.

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