Web profiles go live for Vine as well as new full screen “TV Mode”

vineVine has finally launched its web profiles, which allows you to access your Vine feed via a computer web browser. Simply going over to vine.co and logging in will allow you to jump right in, no other set up is necessary with your account. Vine has had single post pages for a while, but this is the first foray into a full web based front end allowing you to go to profiles and see all posts by a specific user or your usual main feed you would find in the application itself.

Vine opened up registration for custom URLs a month back for verified profiles, and then more recently for everyone else. The criteria for getting a custom URL is you must be a Vine user for 30 days and have at least 2 posts on the social network, otherwise people will just have to find you by searching (but why would they look for you, you have only one/no posts). This was to allow for verified users to secure their names so that other people just trying to amass followers by using a celebrity name couldn’t take it before them.

Also new on the web interface is “TV mode” which allows for full screen viewing. To use this, you press the TV mode button in the top right of the browser window, and then Vine will expand to the entire size of the browser window with the video taking up one half and the description taking up the other. It has been a long time coming for Vine to launch web profiles, and if you remember when Instagram did the same thing then you already know what to expect with Vine.co. The layout is near identical for the two, but there is only so much you can do with a site that you just watch 6 second videos on.

What do you think? Happy to see Vine web profiles at last? Will you be using the service more often now? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: The Verge, Vine


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