Tim Cook in tax loophole talks with Irish government

Tim Cook has visited Ireland today to talk tax evasion with government officials.

Little about the agenda of either parties is known, however it is being reported that discussions were centred around tax loopholes, and possible changes to Irish law that would prevent major companies avoiding significant tax by legal means.


Cook visited Apple’s corporate offices in Cork, where he addressed employees over Apple’s future plans. Apple’s Holyhill base was the first Apple office outside of the UK, and is the current ¬†assembly point of the Macbook pro. Prime Minister Enda Kenny was given a tour of Apple’s corporate offices. Ireland is currently under significant pressure from the Eurozone, with OECD discussions currently taking place to establish an international response to clarity over tax. Apple’s European earnings currently enter the coffers via Ireland, where tax laws are much less stringent. Current plans seem to suggest that companies registered in Ireland would be stateless in regards to tax residency. There is concern that an alteration to Ireland’s laws would simply see Apple up sticks, merely shifting the problem to another part of the globe and depriving Ireland of incredibly valuable business.


Via: iDownloadBlog

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